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Types of Coverage Available

Most all plans will have some form of coverage that involves one of three types. There is the basic coverage, which covers emergencies, hospitalization, and some treatments and surgeries. Then, your major medical covers anything that is not covered in the basic plan. A policy that gives you comprehensive coverage will cover both your basic and major medical needs.

Types of Insurance Available

1.  HMO's
An HMO, or Health Maintenance Organization, is a group of health care providers that have joined together. An important feature of this group is their emphasis on preventive medicine that includes physicals, regular office visits, mammograms, well baby care, and much more.

2.  Fee For Service
This individual health insurance plan gives you the widest range of flexibility in that you can basically see anyone that you want - specialists, too - even if they are out of state. While it does cost a little more, the convenience may be worth it.

3.  PPO's
The Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO's) are a combination of the preceding two plans. They have a limited number of doctors and you must choose a primary care physician, but you have the liberty of visiting providers outside of the system. They can also provide some preventive medicine.

4.  Health Savings Accounts (HSA's)
Another option that you may want to consider, is to get your health insurance coverage with a Health Savings Account. By getting a high-deductible insurance policy, and by reducing the amount of your deductible, you will also lower your premiums. This allows you to put that amount, and more, into a savings plan that is tax-deductible.

5.  Medicare
These government sponsored low cost health insurance programs provide benefits in proportion to the number of years of Medicare-covered employment that you had.

6.  Group Insurance
This form of insurance is usually obtained through your place of employment. It is usually much cheaper because the employer will often pay some of the premium. This large and small business Health Insurance is available to groups of any size – even to a business of one in some states.

7.  Long Term Care
Long term care deals with treatment, hospitalization, or illnesses that cover an extended period of time. Most private health insurance policies and Medicare do not provide reimbursement for this situation. Long-term care policies can be purchased separately.

8.  High Risk Pool Insurance
This health insurance is for those who have preexisting health conditions that prevents them from being issued a regular private health insurance policy. These are available alternatives but will have considerably higher premiums, and will often have a waiting period for any preexisting conditions.
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