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Premiere Sales Coaching

Most of our clients would rate this service as a specialty. Whether the salesperson is experienced, or not, results with both type of salespeople have been excellent. Many agencies turn over their new or struggling producers to Agency Boost for coaching since they are not adequately set up to manage the sales process. Other agencies are looking for a “shot in the arm” for their longer-term producers who need a boost. With either type, we work 1 on 1, or in small groups, to tailor the coaching and sales management for whomever they are working with.

Having us performing as an experienced insurance sales manager is a big advantage over other “single shot” courses. There is structure, detail, complete processes to aid the producer as well as a myriad of documents to help with all stages of the sales process, including the proposal. In every case, sound sales principles are used & followed.

For experienced “outside” producers, it is not uncommon for a Producer to double his or her production after working with us for 4-6 months. For the newer producer, having a reliable, dependable coach & accountability system is usually the difference between a producer making the grade or not.

Agency Boost is unique in the fact that they are one of only a few firms that actually has created a successful inside sales plan for Account Managers. Thus, the coaching doesn’t begin and end with only Producers. Some of our best work has been with Account Managers and the AM doesn’t have to be a “sales type” to be successful!

Whether it is Personal Lines P&C, Commercial P&C, or Life & Health, TMR is capable, experienced, and successful in all 3 areas whether working with Producers or Account Managers.

If you would like to ensure that your salespeople reach their sales goals this year, give us a try today!

Agency Boost

AgencyBoost was created in 2008 as an extention of Total Management Resources, a consulting firm for Insurance Agencies specializing in Sales Coaching and Agency Management.

Agency Boost has been actively consulting with hundreds of insurance agencies since 1993 & is a Silver Consultant for IMMS. Many of the unique concepts and tools that are contained in the online sales training materials have been developed directly with our many insurance agency clients, producers and CSRs.

In an effort to expand TMR's existing ideas to a national audience, we have been busy packaging the best of our tips and techniques into an internet- based system.

As of Summer 2010, we are excited to announce that subscriptions to our Sales Self-Training programs are now available and ready for purchase.





This Agency is a certified IMMS member and consistently meets or exceeds the highest level of customer satisfaction.