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Is Agency Boost a Fit for Your Agency?

■Are you content with the agency’s profit at this point?
■If your staff had 30% more productivity in the tank, would you know how to obtain it? Or, if your sales people were able to generate 40% more new business, would you know how to accomplish it?
■Do you know how you measure up to similar-sized agencies in terms of profitability and productivity (Best Practices comparisons)?
■If a VIP customer called right now, would you be confident that his need would be met in a way that exceeded his (& your) expectations?
■When employee training takes place, how do you measure each individual’s professional development and progress?
■If you were free to make any changes in the agency (no holds barred) without fear of anything, do you know what your top 3 changes should be?
■Have you concentrated on acquiring a quality client that allows you & your staff to manage your day to the fullest…and provide high-level service to each?
■Do you put a personal development plan for each Producer or CSR into place every year?
■Did all your salespeople meet their individual sales goals last year?
■Have you taken steps to ensure that each salesperson will meet his or her goal this sales year?
■When a new employee comes on board, do you establish a formal training plan to insure success?
■Can you make changes to obtain 1-2 additional hours for your CSRs/Account Managers to get the job done due to increasing demands?
■Have you considered the benefit of an internal sales program to help your revenue situation (growth without adding producers)?
■Have you taken steps to rid yourself of most of those low-end customer?
■Are you are earning a 10% profit off your commission income (without contingency income)?

Growth Plans

Growth Plans are another specialty for TMR. It seems like most agencies are perpetually in either a soft market, or a hard one, which makes it more difficult to reliably grow. The typical agency is flat right now, or dropping a little, but expenses rise every year, which squeezes many business owners more than they would like.

A solid Plan is needed that has a strong financial basis. With TMR, all recommendations made in every area are financially-based. That alone gives a greater chance of success to whatever recommendation is being made.

As you read this, you may think that a Growth Plan is simply something that allows the agency to sell more and create more revenue. You are only partially right. Often, some of the most major things inhibiting growth have little to do with sales or the sales approach.

To create a sound Growth Plan, we would look at other things besides new business efforts like:

· Individual Workloads

· Suitable Roles

· Efficiency Methods

· Delegation

· Account Handling Steps

· Mix of Business

If you would like to increase sales and grow 5%, 10% or more, we are just a phone call or email away. We would be happy to talk with you for a no-obligation consultation to discuss your needs further.



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