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Specializing in Sales and Management Consulting for Insurance Agencies, Total Management Resources (TMR) has been in existence for 17 years. What makes TMR special & unique & why do we deserve your interest? Is your Business needing A Boost?

■Sales coaching is 1 on 1, not done via report or lecture hall! How many coaching firms can claim a success rate in excess of 60%?
■We don’t travel the world – Georgia, & the SE, is our home base & we know what works here. You are not dealing with a stranger!
■Ours is a hands-on approach – With 90% of our clientele; we are on a monthly basis in their office helping implement developed goals.
■We never forget who owns the business –We will make, and help implement, recommendations that will benefit your business though. We are your advisor, counselor & often, your implementer.

While consulting & coaching in your office is our mainstay, we offer lots of tools to help you manage without us – you can order sales self-training materials for CSRs & Producers by product specialty.

We offer free subscriptions to our "Weekly Tip" email, which contains helpful tips & ideas.

We would personally enjoy hearing from you to answer any questions you may have about our unique and special services or products.

Benefits of Doing Business Training with TMR

All Recommendations are Financially Sound...

Provides the Growth Plan Agencies Need Today
Over 25 Years of Insurance Experience
Over 15 Years helping Georgia Agents
Recommends and Helps Implement all Plans
Brings a Long-Term Relationship
Knows all Phases of Agency Management



Agency Principal:

Gil Simonds was the perfect fit for our agency. He not only provides value on every meeting, but also provides so much insight into so many facets of the insurance business. It is hard to quantify the amount of success he has brought to our firm. We are thankful for the relationship and look forward to more progress over the years to come.

John Lanigan Jr.
Lanigan Insurance Group

Producer 2:

I began my career as an insurance producer with no prior sales skills- my only experience in the industry was as a personal lines underwriter for several years. My agency knew of the challenges I would face, so in an effort to give me the best chance of success they decided to have me work with Gil Simonds.

Three years later, I have a thriving book of business & a blue print of my strategy for the years to come. His experience in the industry was clear from the first time we met- and from that moment on he was a teacher in the truest sense of the word. Working with Gil was far more than simply being accountable to someone- many so called "coaches" will simply lay out a path to success, but Gil personally, & genuinely, guided me along that path providing me with creative solutions & encouragement when facing tough challenges.

Brock Hughes
Pritchard & Jerden, Inc.
3565 Piedmont Rd., NE
Atlanta, GA 30305

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