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Teen Driving:

The main goal of a teenager turning 16 years old is getting their driver's license. Most teenage driver's think they know how to drive just because they can drive down the road. Teenage drivers don't understand that there are different situations and distractions that come along with driving.

Things that can affect a person driving is drinking, multi-tasking, cell phones, stress, emotions, and not being able to recognize certain situations that can cause an accident.

Give yourself time to settle down. You may need to take a short walk or do something relaxing. Do not drive at this time, because you put yourself and other driver's at risk of a driving accident.

A teen driver usually has a curfew. You need to remember not to get in a hurry. Give yourself time to get home without speeding or driving wreckless. Being impatient or rushing can cause you to get a speeding ticket or be involved in an accident. There are too many teens that lose their lives in these types of situations. If you happen to be late call home and explain the situation to your parents.

Another serious situation is road rage. You can accidentally do something or make a mistake that can upset another driver or cause an accident. The best thing to do if you've caused the error is admit the mistake and sincerely apologize.

Remember, teens need to drive smart.

Always keep your eyes on the road and scan ahead of your vehicle so that you can recognize a problem before you get there.

Use a hands-free device for cell phones.

Buckle up!

Remember, drinking and driving can cause fatal accidents. Please, do not drink and drive! If you have drunk any alcoholic beverages allow someone that is sober to drive you to your destination.

Please remember to follow all rules and regulations of driving.

Are you aware of the Colorado auto insurance minimum Auto Insurance coverage requirements?

The minimum levels of auto insurance coverage requirements are set by CO lawmakers. Driving without the required insurance is a very serious matter and can result in penalties and unwanted hassle.

Bodily Injury Liability

As a Colorado driver, you must have at least $25,000 in individual bodily injury liability insurance in place. This type of insurance pays for the medical expenses of a person injured in an automobile accident where you are considered the at-fault driver. Your policy must also have a cap of at least $50,000 to pay the medical bills for two or more people injured in the same accident.

Property Damage Liability

The property damage liability portion of your policy pays for damage caused to objects, such as the other driver's vehicle, a mailbox, a fence, or a shed. The minimum level of coverage required by law in CO is $15,000.

Please keep in mind that the minimum levels of insurance coverage set out here are just that. Drivers in Colorado do have the option of buying more coverage if they want to. Before you make a decision about what level of coverage to buy, you will need to keep in mind that if you are the at-fault driver in an accident, you will be responsible for paying for damages above your policy limits.

It makes more sense to insure your vehicle properly and not take the chance that you will have to consider tapping into your savings or liquidating your assets after an accident. Your insurance company or agent can help you to figure out how much coverage you should have in place.

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